Physicians in all 50 states can now order the test. Please register to recieve more information.

Our lab. CLIA-certified.

Our rigorous standards ensure quality service.

This is a challenging time for everyone but especially for healthcare workers, we are trying to do our best and we may need some help from you to streamline the process.

How do I register?

Registration is simple, please follow this link to register.

What happens after registration?

We will review your registration and make sure we have all the necessary information to activate your account. After approval, the account will be active.

How do I refer a patient?

We are utilizing a smart token system that allows physicians to email a token to the requesting patient.

How to collect samples and ship them to our lab?

To carry out this process efficiently, we require your patients to their blood sample collection at the phlebotomist service you are working with.
You will receive a detailed collection instruction to forward to your patients.

How much does it cost?

Antibody 19 fee for test processing is $85 USD, and can be paid directly on our website.
We accept all major forms of payment.
Please note- test processing fees DO NOT include phlebotomy services or shipment to our facility.

How do I get my patient’s results?

Notification of the availability of new test results will be sent via email to the ordering physician. Results will be sent electronically to a secure physician folder.

Are there any minimum samples per shipment?

There is no minimum order. However, to streamline the process, as much as possible, consolidating shipments to our facility will reduce delays and shipping errors.

Is the test covered by Insurance companies?

Medicare and Medicaid are updating their codes to cover testing. Because we are a certified CLIA laboratory, services provided should be covered by most insurance companies. Please check with your healthcare insurance provider for confirmation. 

Where the test is performed?

Tests are performed at our CLIA certified laboratory in North Carolina. Our team of scientists are working diligently to improve and devise new testing options and we are committed to are committed to inform clients with most up-to-date and relevant information